Back to School: Importance of Learning How to Swim

School is back in full swing for kids and teens across the U.S. Education is an important part of ensuring your children or grandchildren become successful adults, but did you know learning to swim is important too? Swimming, and the process of learning how to swim, provides life-long benefits for children. In honor of back to school season, we’ve provided a list of reasons why learning to swim is important.

  1. Exercise – With childhood obesity rates on the rise, swimming is a fun way for kids to stay fit.  Even for kids who are a healthy weight, swimming can improve cardiovascular fitness and can build endurance, creating better heart health and energy.  It’s also one of the best forms of exercise because it also improves flexibility and is a full body work out.
  1. Outdoor Recreation – Tired of telling your kids to put down the video games and get some fresh air?  A swimming is a great way to get kids outside and enjoying the outdoors.  Outdoor activity has been proven to not only provide physical wellness, but also reduces stress and anxiety and provides an increase in positive moods, according to Cornell University environmental psychologist, Nancy Wells.  Research even shows outdoor recreation provides increased creativity and better self esteem, even reducing inattentiveness.
  1. Quality Family Time –Studies show that families who spend time together have children who are happier and healthier since it improves emotional health.  However, trying to figure out activities the whole family can enjoy can be difficult.  For quality family time, swimming is a great solution–especially when you own a pool.  Family dinners get a lot more interesting when it’s a pool-side cook out.  Plus, there are lots of games families can play together in the pool that appeal to any age or gender.  Having a pool is also a great way to entertain extended family or friends that visit.
  1. Safety – Swimming is a valuable life skill. While learning to swim can keep children safe from the threat of drowning, it’s even more effective when you own a pool. Children who have pools at their homes swim more consistently so they have stronger swimming skills, making them safer in the water.  So whether you’re at the beach, on a boat, or relaxing around the pool, your child will be better equipped to stay safe, and drowning incidents will be less likely.
  1. Sport – Did you know learning to swim can help your child improve at other sports? Swimming takes a lot of coordination: it involves the coordination of all four limbs while also having to coordinate breathing.  In addition, swimming and games in the pool teach positive competition and motivation, which can be transferred to other sports from football to gymnastics to baseball.
  1. Relaxation – School can be tough and schedules can be hectic. A recent study by the Cambridge-based Primary Review shows that many school children suffer from anxiety and are just as overwhelmed as their parents.  Swimming can be a relaxing activity and can help children who suffer from stress or anxiety.

Owning a pool makes teaching your children or grandchildren how to swim even easier. Plus, you can reap all the benefits that come with pool ownership! Make a move towards a healthier lifestyle for your kids by contacting Leisure Pools today ( and get Swimming in Quality and Style.