How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

At Leisure Pools one of the most frequently asked questions that we are asked is “how much is a fiberglass swimming pool going to cost me?”  Unfortunately this is a difficult question to give a direct answer on as there are so many variables that will impact the price.

To provide you with some background, the cost of the swimming pool project will be influenced by so many factors, including:

  • The size of the swimming pool will impact both on the cost of the swimming pool shell as well as the installation costs;
  • What is the available access to install the swimming pool?  The more available access the more cost efficient the swimming pool can be installed;
  • Is the area where the swimming pool is to be installed level or sloping?  If it is sloping consideration will need to be given to having to build retaining walls;
  • What options and accessories are to be included in the project?  For example, underwater lighting, heating, cover systems, spa jets, water features and many other options will impact the overall cost of the project;
  • How the swimming pool will be finished in terms of decking, paving and landscaping.

In reality, asking, “How much does a fiberglass swimming pool cost?” is much like asking the question, “How much does it cost to build a home?”  There are almost limitless possibilities to be considered when it comes to calculating the cost of a fiberglass swimming pool.

Leisure Pools Dealers will be able to assist you with providing you with a variety of pricing options to fit the budget you have allocated for this project.  In many instances, you may select a larger swimming pool with less options or alternatively a smaller swimming pool with a lot of options.  Either way, a Leisure Pools Dealer will be able to assist you with providing you with a range of pricing options.

If you are on a tight budget, a Leisure Pools Dealer can assist you with getting the right swimming pool installed that meets your family and budget and then help you develop a step by step plan as your budget permits on providing you with the ultimate project over a longer period of time.  For example, you may only look to install a small amount of initial decking once the swimming pool is installed in order to get your family swimming and in time you could add more decking and landscaping as your budget permits.

  • Elihu Smails

    What a silly cheesy salesguy/Merrill Lynch financial adviser answer. Here’s a response – I’ll take my money to a place with straight answers.

  • Jim Fawcett

    Base price, vinyl installed $20,000, by far the cheapest ingrained option. Decent sized pools are around $25-28,000 but like they say you usually have to add on $7-9 per square foot for concrete additions with sealer after the initial (350-400 sq foot.) 2-7 week construction. Finished decking about 7-10 days after pool is filled. Vinyl replaced every 5-8 years ($2,500-$5,000)
    Concrete: Various types of concrete used but the best and most common is a dryer mixture for Gunite pools that the water is added at pouring from the spout. Typically Gunite pools start at around $35,000 and again similar applies to the information above but you don’t have to empty and put a new liner in every 5-8 years like vinyl, simply clean, paint, seal. Occasionally over the 25 years you might even resurface.
    Fiberglass You can buy shells and kits from around $12,000-$25,000 and install yourself or have someone install, but the typical cost is around $35,000 also. Limited to the size, shape, and design but they are incredibly easy to maintain. Monthly cost to maintain is negligible. Around every 8-12 years you can drain and apply coating on the cheap pools, but a good quality fiberglass pool should last 25 years. Great with salt water also. Really the only type of pool that prevents algae from building up and therefor you use very little chemicals.
    I love San Juan Pools (if you just want to look at models, plans, designs) for fiberglass and am looking to purchase a “Dallas” or “luxor deep” that will run me around $45,000. The pool(s) are roughly 15 feet wide and 40 foot long with great designs within. Nice long shallow end for my kids and games, with the deep end around 8 foot for jumping/diving. My package quote included a salt water, and an additional 400 square foot of concrete. I have a small heater that will extend the season to around 8 months in South Alabama.