Perk of Owning a Pool: Keep Swimming Once School Starts

For many students across the country, school is back in session—or will be soon. This means that many community or public pools will be closing up for the season, despite the weather still being warm enough to swim for another month or so. When you own a swimming pool, you have many perks, and one of the perks is you can close your pools when—and if—you want to. This means you can still be swimming well into August and September.

In case you’re wondering how your student can be enjoying your swimming once school starts, we’ve provided these tips and ideas:

Pool-side Homework and Reading
Back to school time means back to home work and reading assignments. These can sometimes be tedious for students and they may be feeling like they’re missing out on time outdoors. When you own a pool, instead of reading or doing homework indoors, why not take the books outside? Your students can complete their homework at a pool-side table and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and a pool while getting their homework or reading done.

After School or Weekend Relaxation
School can be challenging sometimes, and schedules can be busy and demanding. It’s important to have time to relax and unwind from the demands of the academic environment. A pool provides the perfect place to relax in a lounge chair and enjoy the serene water—or even to take a nap!

Improve Focus with Play Time at the Pool
When kids have a lot of pent-up energy, it can be tough for them to focus at school. Exercise, whether it’s swimming or playing in the pool, can help release some of that energy and can also help kids de-stress. This can help them academically. In fact, studies show that time spent outdoors in natural environments can improve cognitive functioning and focus.

Building Relationships
As school starts, kids will often be in new classes with students who are new to them. When you own a pool, you can throw pool parties and get-togethers for your child’s new friends to help them build relationships and lasting friendships.


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